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Online Amphibian Accessory Shops

Exotic Pet Shop

 Pets Parade

Online UK reptile accessories supplier, selling heating mats/bulbs, substrate, water bowls, Vivarium furniture and more

Recommended Reading

Frogs & Toads as a new pet - by John CobornFrogs & Toads as a new pet by John Coborn

A great beginners book with general care for most popular frog and toad species kept in captivity.
Covers facts, housing, feeding, hygiene, general care and breeding.

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Frogs, Toads, and treefrogs - Barrons by R. D. BarlettFrogs, Toads and Treefrogs by R. D. Bartlett

Covering a wide range of popular species. This book gives information and advice to help you take good care of your frogs, toads and treefrogs.

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Collins Exotic Pet Handbook By David ManningExotic Pet Handbook by David Manning

A simple, easy to understand guide on a range of Exotic Pets including many Amphibians, like Axolotls, African Clawed Frogs, Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads, Fire Salamanders, Red-Spotted Newts and Tree Frogs.

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Terrarium and Cage Construction and Care by R.D. BartlettTerrarium and Cage Construction and Care by R.D. Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett

A book that shows you how to design and build terraria that simulate the natural habitats of your amphibians.

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