Amphibian Photos

Fire Salamander - s.s bernardez
Pixie frog in flower pot
Whites tree frog on branch
Poison Dart Frog (formaly Poison Arrow Frog) on rock
Bufo Regularis or the Square Marked toad close up photograph
Whites Tree Frog - Sitting on a bed of leaves
Fire-bellied toad. Bombino orientalis
White tree Frog Branch Climbing
Poison Dartfrog
Bufo Regularis (Square marked Toad) on leaf
Wild Toad spotted at Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln, UK
Square Marked Toad- Bufo Regularis
Wild Newt on log
Mossy Frog on side of the tank
Common Toad
Square-Marked Toad on Beige Background
Cranwells Horned Frog Peacock Tree frog on a leaf Square Marked Toad facing the camera Cranwell's Horned Frog in Vivarium
Peacock tree Frog
Black Spined Toad from Sri Lanka
S.S bernardezi Fire Salamander
White's Tree Frog in Blue colouring
Cranwell's Horned Frog burrowed in substrate
White's Tree Frog in Hide
Bombina orientalis - Fire-bellied Toad Two Square marked Toads (Bufo regularis)
Fire-bellied toad - Bombina orientalis
Whites Tre Frog Sitting on a branch Black Spined Toad from Sri Lanka Pacman frog eating locust